The Moogji indigenous nursery comprises of a variety of species local to the east Gippsland region as well as rare, endemic, and culturally significant plants – the stock is propagated to order for revegetation projects within state and national parks and open to the public. Additionally, we are actively propagating edible and medicinal food plants, which will form a part of the cultural trail we are developing on the property, this aims to actively engage the local community through the understanding and education of culture. If you would like to purchase any of our plants, please visit out Bonang property at 291 Bonang Road, Orbost during 9:00am and 2:00pm Monday to Friday.


Moogji has received funding from DEECA to restore 10 of our 50 acres from barren farmland back to pre-European (1750) state.

We are working on planting 20,000+ trees, shrubs, grasses, medicinal plants, and bushfoods across 5 zones. Each zone has a different form, allowing multiple layers of eco-systems to be planted and grown. Under the guidance of Elders, culturally significant species will be planted and cultural workshops to be held on the property in the future.

As Bushbank grows we will be able to focus on seed collection, species protection and propagation though planting common, indigenous, and rare or endangered species. This will allow Moogji’s nursery to stock species that can be used in everyday works and to replant after events such as bushfires, working with other organisations such as CMA, DEECA, Landcare groups + more.

Not only will Bushbank have positive effect ecologically increasing carbon sequestration, but we are also hoping to have locally endangered species return and increase habitat, such as the Masked and Sooty Owl, Southern Broen Bandicoot, Long-nosed and Long-footed Potoroo and the Bogong Moth.

We look forward to offering more days where any and every one can come along and join in planting and holding some workshops where we can learn why species are important both culturally and ecologically.

Community will be notified through email, social media, post, and flyers around town.

If you have any enquiries on the project or you would like to get involved contact reception on 51542133 or email one of our following staff members: