Medical Services

  • Nurse
  • Health promotions
  • ITC care Coordinator
  • Home Visits
  • Health Assessments
  • Pathology Services
  • Medication Deliveries
  • Medical Transports
  • Aboriginal Health Worker


After Hours:
If it is an emergency dial 000

For after hours medical advice or treatment please contact:
Orbost Regional Health on (03) 51546777
or Nurse on Call on 1300 60 60 24
Nurse On Call provides immediate, expect health advice from a registered nurse 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Moogji also offers a wide range of specialist consultations via telehealth, limiting the requirement of patients to travel for health care.

Speak to your doctor about whether telehealth is an option for your care.

(As of Monday, 28 Nov. 2022.)

GP Appointments at Moogji will be charged in accordance with Orbost Medical Clinic policy.

Fees for private patient doctor consultations:

  • Level A – Brief – $53.20 (Patient out of pocket $35)
  • Level B – Standard – $74.75 (Patient out of pocket $35)
  • Level C – Long – $111.95 (Patient out of pocket $35)
  • Level D – Prolonged – $148.30 (Patient out of pocket $35)


These fees apply to all private billings and will be charged to all patients who do not have current eligible concession.

Current eligible concessions include Health Care Card holders, Pension Card holders and children under the age of 16.

The $35 out-of-pocket expense applies to both face to face as well as Telehealth appointments.

Please note: As Moogji does not have payment facilities, Orbost Medical Clinic will invoice patients after appointment.


The following organisations have held a long working relationship, historically coming together for the Healthy for Life program in 2006:

  • Lake Tyers Health and Children’s Services
  • Lakes Entrance Aboriginal Health Association
  • Moogji Aboriginal Council East Gippsland Inc.

During this period collectively we were known as Djillay Ngalu and after many years we have now merged as the Gippsland Aboriginal Health and Wellbeing Alliance (GAHWA) also known as G3.

As we undertake this journey of working collaboratively and formalise our Memorandum of Understanding and Strategic Plan for 2024 – 2028, Moogji remains committed to our community.

The three organisations are committed to building and strengthening our capacity within our catchment region to deliver local services to our communities in East Gippsland. We will do this by collaborating strategically and operationally on issues that we can achieve more collectively than we can individually. We recognise the unique communities each of our organisations serve and respect each of our organisational identities and how we respond to local community needs.

We want to reassure all communities the G3 alliance understands the importance of maintaining our individual organisations goals, visions, and aspirations and acknowledge there will be times where we work collaboratively on projects but also independently of each other as our organisation continue to meet the needs of their strategic plans and community needs.

New Funding – Clinical
We are pleased to announce that our alliance was successful in sharing 35 million over a four-year period with six other successful applicants across the state.

This new funding is life changing, employing a GP for the first time onsite across the three organisations is critical in ensuring we elevate, dignify, and sustain the health of our Aboriginal community consistent with out holistic concept of health, grounded by our values and beliefs, cultural integrity, and uncompromising self-determination.
Establishing our own clinics means having access to our own demographic data for the first time and it helps us to tailor and understand our community needs better and positions us to plan and meet the health needs of our communities. Finally, being able to realise the long-term aspirations of our founding Elders and Board members to have Aboriginal Health in Aboriginal Hands.

With this new funding, we are closer then ever to meeting the long-term version of our Elders, Board and Communities, operating our own clinics.

We look forward to kicking starting this new project in 2024 with the clinical teams across the sector as we begin our four-year funded journey.