Future Proof

Young people play a critical role in disaster recovery and in future-proofing fire-affected communities. The Future Proof project brings the unique experiences, perspectives, and capabilities of young people to the rebuilding of their communities. It recognises the importance of place-based activities and youth work principles, ensuring the engagement, support, and training, connects young people and delivers youth-led community recovery projects in a flexible way.

Training opportunities are available for all young people 12 to 25 years in bushfire-affected areas in East Gippsland, to build resilience locally for the future. The project supports developing and sustaining local human infrastructure, through qualifications and industry linkages. Youth employment outcomes will be evident in emergency management and resilience, community services, youth development, and mental health, which are vital for community-led recovery and resilience. It is recovery for young people and their community. Included will be first aid, youth work, community services, emergency response and mental health first aid as part of a range of options providing the skills local communities need. Across East Gippsland, dedicated staff source opportunities for young people to engage with qualifications and employment pathways, along with other education and training. With ongoing support from the Gippsland East LLEN and additional engagement opportunities from East Gippsland Shire Council, participants will feel supported throughout the program, gaining formal qualifications to ease the transition to employment.

Amber Wade – Youth Resilience worker is local to our region and a passionate community member.
Zack Kelly – Youth Peer Worker is undertaking training within this project and excited for the future of local Young People.