Environmental Services

Moogji Aboriginal Council provide environmental services to a range of agencies including Parks Victoria, DELWP, EGCMA and the private sector.

Our collaborations are focused on looking after country to attain optimal cultural and environmental results. Our varied programs are diverse and cover all aspects of natural resources management, including the conservation of flora and fauna, with the goal of managing pest species on country and restoring and rehabilitating the natural values of the environment.

Moogji is also deeply engaged in controlling invasive species management and weed control. Under the SISP (State-wide Invasive Species Program), Moogji and DEECA collaborate on a variety of projects including invasive weed spraying, walking track maintenance, native tree replanting, feral pig monitoring, and fox baiting.

With members now certified to carry firearms, Moogji is actively taking action to further progress in the invasive species field.